ARCASIA Students' Architectural Design Competition 2015

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Second and Final Announcement of ARCASIA Students' Design Competition 2015, which will be held in Ayutthaya, Thailand between 14th to 15th of November 2015. 

The Architects' Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA) is a Council of the presidents of the National Institutesof Architects of eighteen Asian countries that are members of ARCASIA. Every alternate year, an ARCASIA FORUM is hosted by one of the member countries of ARCASIA. The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA) will host ARCASIA FORUM 18 in 2015 in Ayutthaya, Thailand with the theme of "Future of the Past" with a sub-theme of "Metamorphosis". ARCASIA Board has decided to organize a design competition among the individual students of ARCASIA member countries in this FORUM. This ARCASIA Students' Architectural Design Competition – 2015 is organized by the host Institute under the aegis of the ARCASIA Committee for Architectural Education (ACAE).The competition is open to 3rd and 4th year individual students of all the architecture colleges that are accredited and/or recognized by the respective Institutes of Architects in the ARCASIA countries.

Two best entries from each country as selected by the respective Institutes of Architects shall be exhibited at the FORUM in Ayutthaya and the first, second and third prize winners shall be decided by an international jury. Three students, winners of the competition shall be the official delegates to the ARCASIA FORUM 18. They will be the honored guests of the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA) and will be offered complementary registration in the FORUM 18.

B. Design Competition information:

a) Objectives:

The objective of the ARCASIA Student Competition is to provide an arena for students from ARCASIA member countries to participate in ARCASIA activities. It is an opportunity for students from different cultures to exchange and share idea on particular design issue that was raised by ARCASIA every year.

b) The Theme:

Nature has taught us that animals such as frogs or butterflies can transform themselves throughout their life cycle. "Metamorphosis", a word meaning "changing of form" from Greek origin is used to describe these processes. Can we, as architects, learn something from this fascinating act of nature? After all, in architecture, change is inevitable: whether during the design process, construction period or even long after they are erected, buildings need to adapt to survive. With the theme of "Future of the Past", ARCASIA 2015 encourages designers to view historic buildings and sites of the world in this new light. How often have we seen "historic" buildings falsely restored simply to exist as lonely reminders of an era that has passed, never to return. Such buildings or sites have long abandoned their original meaningful program, only to adopt its new role as "tourist attraction" through default. They are empty shells with functionless voids adorned by souvenir shops, visited by tourists who don't quite know how to occupy them. They are lost in space and lost in time.

ARCASIA 2015 investigates this theme of "Metamorphosis" as a possible alternative in a field that has been historically OPPOSED to change.... the field of architectural preservation. Is there a better solution to preserving historic sites than by "freezing" them in time? What if we allowed them to develop meaningful, active roles in contemporary societies? Instead of a leading a life in architectural suspended animation, what if we allowed historical buildings to metamorphosis into their natural forms and functions befitting of the times? We would like to invite students in member countries to participate in this design competition to create new architectural intelligences that enable old cities to live today and tomorrow. Sites can be anywhere; real or in imagination. Size can be any; big or small. Program can be anything; public or private. The proposed new intelligence should take into account the speed of changes and development that influence that particular site. As well, it should express the vision how newness can transform architecture from the past in the way that the value is not decreased but amplified.

c) Who can participate:

The competition is open to 3rd and 4th year individual students of all the architecture colleges that are accredited/recognized by the respective National Architectural Institutions (NIA) of ARCASIA member countries. Each entry will be an individual entry.

d) Submission:

Students shall submit the designs to their respective NIAs in print and electronic format with high resolution (PDF/JPG) for the purpose of further exhibition and publication. Presentation must be limited to maximum 2 (two) sheets of A2 size, and carry the title "Metamorphosis" and include information such as name of the student, class, name and address of the college, city and country.The two official entries shall be selected by NIA to represent the countries. The electronic files of the entries shall be submitted to the Convener ARCASIA Students Design Competition at:

C. Important Dates:

February 15, 2015 : First electronic Announcement to all ARCASIA Member Institutes, Chairperson ARCASIA, and Convener ACAE.
March 6, 2015 : Second and Final Announcement as reminder [Information dissemination to all the architecture education colleges by the respective National Institutions of Architects (NIA)
April 6, 2015 : Latest date to inform all the architecture education colleges by the respective National Institutions of Architects (NIAs)
June 26, 2015 : Submission of the designs in electronic format from each college to the respective NIAs.
July 17, 2015 : Selection and announcement of the two entries by NIAs.
July 24, 2015 : Submission of electronic files of the two country entries to the Convener.
September 4, 2015 : Selection of the final best three designs by the Jury, and ACAE invites the winning students to the FORUM 18.
November 14, 2015 : Exhibition of the Country Entries during the ARCASIA FORUM 18 and final Jury deliberation, announcement of the prize winners

D. Jury of Assessors:

  • Ar. Nuno Soares, Chairman of ACAE
  • Ar. Howan Kang, STUDIO VOID architecture+design, Korea
  • Ar. Andra Matin, Andra Matin Architect, Indonesia
  • Ar. Ramiz Baig, RBD Architecture and Interior design, Pakistan
  • Ar. Pitupong Chaowakul, Convener ARCASIA Students Design Competition

E. Prizes:

The three winners will be invited to ARCASIA Forum in Ayutthaya, Thailand for 3 nights (13th -15th November) to attend award ceremony and other ARCASIA Forum activities.

The traveling cost to Thailand will be paid by NIA (Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia).

Hotel accommodation will be responsible by ASA (Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage).

  1. First Prize : US $ 800.00 and a gold medal.
  2. Second Prize : US $ 500.00
  3. Third Prize : US $ 300.00
  4. All the final entries will be given certificates.


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