Dari: 11-03-2011 - hingga: 11-03-2011


I would like to alert you to the Vassilis Sgoutas prizes being offerred this year again at the UIA Congress in Tokyo, Japan from 25th September to 1st.

The Vassilis Sgoutas Prize was launched in 2008. Created on the initiative of the UIA Past President, whose name it carries, it is designed to highlight actions or realisations that contribute in an efficient manner to the struggle against the misery of communities living under the poverty line. It is awarded to architects or teams that have contributed to the significant improvement of the living conditions of the most underprivileged human beings, to their habitat and their environment.

Two prizes, are awarded: one to an architect, the other to a collectivity, composed of a majority of architects or led by an architect.


The Vassilis Sgoutas Prize was launched by the International Union of Architects (UIA) in 2007 to honour architects contributing to the improvement of living conditions in areas below the level of poverty. The prize is to be awarded every three years at the UIA World Congresses. The first awards were given in 2008 in Turin, the next edition will be in 2011, in Tokyo.

The scope of the prize is to highlight works, activities and actions that contribute in an efficient manner to the betterment of the living conditions of the underprivileged living below the poverty level, through improvements to their habitat and their environment.


The prize will be awarded in each of two categories:

Individual Prize

For individual architects

Collective Prize

For teams consisting of a majority of architects or led by an architect.

Three honorary mentions will be also be awarded.

A total sum of 7 000 will be awarded by the jury:

- Individual Prize: 2 000

- Collective Prize: 2 000

- Honorary mentions: 1 000 each


The salient points of the prize can be summarised as follows:

"Below the poverty level"

The "poverty level" as is well known, is an arbitrary term which varies from country to country. For the purposes of this prize, the entrants are to use as a benchmark the poverty level of the country in which their project is situated.

"Works, activities and actions"

The focus is on meaningful contributions for the betterment of human living conditions in areas (cities, settlements, rural environment etc.) below the poverty level. Such contributions can be the design and implementation of buildings or structures of any kind, advisory services during construction or any other type of activity directly linked to in-situ solutions.

"Individual architects / Teams consisting of a majority of architects or led by an architect."

The idea is not to limit the field to individual architects. Entries can be submitted by teams but also by organisations, collective bodies and university faculties as long as the majority of them are architects or an architect is heading the group.

Improvements to their habitat and to their environment

The provision of adequate shelter is only one part of the equation, the other being the lessening of the environmental footprint of buildings through innovative ideas.



Candidatures will be submitted by UIA Member Sections that may submit more than one candidature in each category. Interested individuals and teams should send their entries to their respective Member Sections within the deadline set by the latter.


The jury for the 2011 Prize will be made of the UIA Bureau and Vassilis Sgoutas, UIA Past President.

The jury will meet in Nanjing, China, on 11 April 2011.


The deadline for the reception of candidatures at the UIA General Secretariat is: 11 March 2011


The winners of the 2011 Vassilis Sgoutas Prize will be announced on 27 September at the UIA Congress Tokyo 2011.


Candidatures shall be presented in A4 format (21 X 29,7 cm) using the attached template and will include:

- a short CV for the candidate (s) (300 characters maximum.)

- 1 digital photo of the candidate (s) (300 dpi resolution, portrait format)

- the reasons for presenting the candidature (300 characters maximum)

- a brief description (10 000 characters maximum) of the work and/or activities of the candidate(s) on the topic of the Prize

- photos and/or drawings illustrating the candidates contribution to the betterment of human living conditions in areas below the poverty level (10 maximum, 300 dpi resolution, jpeg format, 21 X 29,7 cm, portrait).

No other documents (books, videos etc€¦) will be admitted.

All candidatures submitted must be in English or French, the UIA working languages.

All the above elements should be presented on a CD Rom or similar digital support. The information should be sent in two different folders: one must contain all written documents in word (or word compatible) format and all images in jpeg format; the other one should contain all the information in pdf format. The folder containing the information in pdf format should not exceed 2 Mega.

All images should be free of copyright and the UIA entitled to use them without restriction.

By submitting a candidature, the submitting Sections and UIA Council members explicitly acknowledges the fulfilment of the above conditions.

Candidatures submitted in any other format will not be admitted.

You can visit the UIA web site and look at UIA Gold Medal and Prizes on the top row under the picture. The web site is www.uia-architectes.org.

I am sure that there will be many projects being done in Region IV which would qualify for this prize.

I wish all of you the Seasons Greetings and all the very best for 2011 and i hope to see you all in Tokyo in September 2011.

Best wishes and kindest regards

Louise Cox AM

UIA President

Unit 34

4 Young Street

Neutral Bay, NSW, Australia, 2089